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The Professional Search Process

When you choose Management Search WorldWide to find high quality candidates, you can be assured of the best customized solutions to your requirements.

We adopt the following process:

- Planning
- Research and Search
- Candidate Presentation
- Candidate Preparation & Debrief
- Client Preparation & Debrief
- Offer Negotiations
- Transition Assistance
- Ongoing Relationship

The Search Process: Planning

Working closely with you and your leadership team, we first work through needs analysis and develop a complete understanding of your organization's needs of the moment, and culture. We then work through the specific hard and soft requirements of the role and position to search.

Specific team culture, goals, objectives, reward schemes and detailed challenges for the role are discussed. In the process, we will offer constructive comments and feedback on the job requirements build-up and specifications sheet, ensuring they meet your potential candidate's needs and ultimately your organization's needs.

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The Search Process: Research and Search

With job specifications clearly defined and timelines agreed upon, we contact and profile the opportunities to potential candidates. These would incorporate a host of various avenues of research and search, from database searched to talking extensively to our own rich network of contacts.

A suitable list of possible candidates will be identified for more in-depth subsequent discussions, out of which we will funnel-in to selected persons and perform various performance and reference checks along the way.

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The Search Process: Candidate Presentation

It is our practice and habit to maintain close dialogue and contact with our clients for mutual updates and continual alignment of the job specifications against the backdrop of "changing-by-the" day business and corporate objectives in the client companies.

Short-listing is close coordination with you, we work with you to schedule interviews. In the process, we also help you handle issues, such as long-term career desires, commitment, family considerations, offer, candidate feedback and next-steps.

Candidates are then arranged for interviews at mutually acceptable times and locations.

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The Search Process: Candidate Preparation & Debrief

We strongly believe in preparing a candidate, and will ensure the candidate is sufficiently briefed on the background of the company and the opportunity to maximize the benefit of the interview at different stages. We also conduct post-interview assessments with the candidate.

These two activities allow us to know the specific responses and various other important "vital signs" at the initial and subsequent stages of interviews, with different managers. It allows to know the "highs and lows" of interest levels, and helps tremendously in expectations management along the way.

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The Search Process: Client Preparation & Debrief

We assist the interview by providing you with the relevant "hot buttons" or motivational aspirations of the candidate to ensure that all concerns of the candidate are appropriately addressed. Feedbacks after the meetings are also gathered and communicated to ensure mutual understanding of pertinent factors.

This is our way of building continual mutual interests and facilitating new bonds of relationships along the way. We can then assist in the selection of candidates into the next stage of the selection process.

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The Search Process: Offer Negotiations

Once a "right" candidate or candidates are identified in terms of fit of experience, potential, values and culture, we add best value by assisting or even owning the actual offer negotiations along with your designated manager or HR.

If you have no objection to us being your mediator in your offer to the candidate, we can test out specific parts or whole offers to the candidate before the actual "verbal offer" is extended. This helps our clients in gauging actual interest levels against components of a complex offer package.

Once genetic acceptance is established, our clients can then make the actual "verbal offer" and subsequently the "paper offer" with agrees start dates.

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The Search Process: Transition Assistance

Many deals break at this stage because of new developments in the candidate's current workplace. We constantly work with the selected candidate on effective resignation and counter-offer deflection. As we usually work with candidates on their prime motivations of wanting a change, we provide a strong support and counsel to executives making this crucial career transition, sometimes for the very first time in a long career stay. Let's face it, if the candidate is good and worth the money, he is worthwhile for his current employer to think about counter-offering him to stay.

If relocation is required, we will work with you and the candidate on a suitable program, and assist in relocation issues with necessary professionals.

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The Search Process: Ongoing Relationship

Our relationships and contacts with the candidate continues into the new job, as the person makes the necessary incoming adjustments. This usually entails maintaining ongoing contact subsequent to and after the candidate's commencement date.

In this matter, we act as the main source of feedback to the hiring client until both parties have had the opportunity to build similar relationships. Our clients have found this to be particularly useful in the first 30 to 40 days of a new hire.

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