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Management Search WorldWide uses a revolutionary new Digital Resume approach that gives you control over your resume and ensures your career history is complete, personalized, and easy to maintain. Based on a new Internet technology, XML (eXtensible Markup Language) our Resume Builder ensures that 100 percent of the information in your resume is available to our search consultants. In contrast, existing resume reading-programs extract only a limited set of useful information. Be among the first to translate your traditional resume into a Digital Resume!

Building a Digital Resume…
Simply answer the questions on the following pages to build your Digital Resume. This ensures that your qualifications and potential will be considered for every appropriate Management Search WorldWide opportunity. The structure of our Digital Resume builder is based on the advice of our search consultants. Click here to read about writing a winning resume!

Pressed for time?
Use these links as shortcuts to provide the minimal information we need to start the process of matching you to opportunities.

Career History Outline your job history by listing the Company, Position, and Dates for each job you held. You can describe your achievements later, starting with the current or most recent position.
Industry and Function Identify the categories that describe your experience and potential. This helps our consultants associate your resume with suitable engagements.
Compensation Provide your current salary and other compensation so that we may match you to opportunities at the appropriate level.